Hello to Wonky Orange. A little about myself. My name is Paul White. Before I made furniture I was many other things. My last job, for over nine years, was a postman in Mid Wales. Before that I worked in the printing industry and in academic libraries as a library assistant. I was also, and indeed remain, a photographer. My website www.welshruins.co.uk has been online for almost ten years and has had 8 million hits. I do not make much money being a photographer. I did not make much money being a postman, library assistant or printer either. I decided, if poverty was to follow me around that I should at least attempt to work from home, hence Wonky Orange.
I wish for the furniture I make to be seen as something slightly flamboyant, a little odd, whimsical if you wish. I seek the irregular angle, the unlikely joint, the clash of style. As a photographer I have always been interested in decayed and weathered walls.

Whilst at university in Nottingham I undertook project of photographing such walls. I would seek out small abstractions within the peeling paint or torn billboard images and letters. These abstract photographs have always been my most personal and private work.

I became frustrated at having to spend so much time searching for the right wall to photograph that I decided instead of spending a whole day searching I would find a piece of worn wood and paint an abstract image on it and then photograph it. I would only use black paint and attempt to emulate Franz Kline, the Abstract Expressionist painter from the 1950's but lacking Kline's talent my painting were a little bit of a disappointment and disgrace!

These painting and subsequent photographs were not my proudest moment. I have never exhibited the photographs or even bothered to add them to my website. They lacked the necessary authenticity. Nonetheless, if the worn and painted wood was set at the correct angle that sunlight just brushed against it's grain and surface, there was some beauty to be found there. It is this, this small element of extracted beauty that I am seeking, this time with some proper authenticity, that I am willing and hoping to emulate. I will paint my furniture, scrub away the pristine and stand my piece up to be admired for its decayed beauty.

Am I forcing the decay? Is this merely new shabby chic? Yes, possibly but that said, the furniture will be unique, each piece meticulously made and treated to give this worn and weather look. My abstract photographs have almost entirely been shot with black and white film. My furniture will be of the opposite; bright, colourful, lively.